Version 2.4

Version 2.4

Improved Barcode scanning today

We have implemented a significantly improved camera bar code scanning system that includes better support for iOS devices. This system also expands the supported bar code types to include GS1 type codes.

We have introduced a new feature that supports customization of menu’s based on retailer. A retailer can override any of the default menus ion the system to provide a customized navigation experience for their users.


We have introduced a collections system that allows for custom pages to be created, these pages are supported by the new menu system and allow retailers to have more precise control of how the data is presented to their users.

Primal cuts

We have expanded the way cut data is stored in the system to provide users a hierarchical system of cuts going from the primal cuts to sub primal cuts and finally the retail cuts. These allow navigation and exploration of cuts based on this data.

Provincial pages

The system now supports simple location based URL navigation for cases where a retailer only has small regional differences they can manage multiple regional URLs under the same retailer.

General improvements & Bug Fixes

  • The user experience of the recipe page has been improved
  • Several places rich text was not appearing correctly have been fixed